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​Founded by industry leader and design expert Leonidas Phillips in 2019, Leonidas Design Studio is an interior design firm based in Florida. Leonidas Design Studio mainly focuses on delivering thoughtful interiors that will translate the clients' vision into reality, while guiding them through each step of the design process.

From small to large scale, new construction to renovation projects, Leonidas Design Studio offers a great deal of design services. Some of the many services we offer include: space planning, furniture and finish selections, color coordination and producing schemes. We also work very closely with major suppliers on the commercial and residential projects.

We consider ourselves your personal chameleon, fusing a broad range of styles including modern, eclectic, to even traditional. We start with a concept that soon develops into a space carefully designed for each individual user. We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with each and everyone of our personal clients' ideas.

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